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Backwater Bay: Respawn talk the Titanfall DLC map where pilot moonshine is made

Backwater: a slightly slower corner of the Titanfall universe.

The third DLC pack for Titanfall is named IMC Rising, but you’re unlikely to see pilots of the great industrial conglomerate rise earlier than midday on Backwater. Based on concept art and designs that didn’t quite make it into the original game, this new map is set on the same ramshackle planet where washed-up parkour soldiers brew their brain cell-baking alcohol.

“High in the mountains,” say Respawn, “ex-IMC pilot Barker and his fellow colonists have made a comfortable living by producing moonshine in this hidden bootlegging colony.”

Backwater is built around some juicy changes in elevation. Its rice paddies are the playground of dashing and duelling Titans, while its central high ground offers tactical superiority.

Pilots can avoid stompings between hardpoints by fighting through “simple, compact” underground grain storage facilities. And ziplines offer a fast way to cross “no-man’s land” – Respawn’s name for the open, coverless spaces contested by Titans.

Backwater’s rice paddies featured in the very first released concept art for Titanfall, so we’ve now completed a nostalgic DLC ouroboros. Where would you like to see Respawn take one of the best PC games of 2014 now Titanfall’s final DLC pack is on the horizon?