Titanfall’s mech-free Pilot Skirmish mode goes live today

Titanfall: escape from the mechs.

There’s a thought Titanfall players haven’t been allowed to have, and it goes like this: you know what, I’m actually not ready for titanfall right now. Thanks, but I’ll leave my 100-ton gunbot suspended in the sky for a bit if it’s all the same to you.

Game Update Six represents the official okay from Respawn: play Pilot Skirmish mode, and you can enjoy your parkour pugilism without a side order of mechs.

Pilot Skirmish will be played with 16 pilots, and be notably emptier than other modes. Not only does it remove titans, but also the AI allies and opponents that ordinarily roam the map.

Elsewhere in update six, Marked for Death has been made its own permanent game mode. First introduced as a temporary attraction to be rotated out for another after a couple of weeks, the mode has enjoyed “enduring popularity”. Log into the game and you’ll find a Marked for Death playlist, as well as custom loadouts to unlock.

Still-sluggish matchmaking has been quickened, three colourblind options have been added to the game’s graphics menu, and joining a match late is no longer penalised. If you join a losing team more than halfway into a game, you won’t see a loss added to your pristine record.

The burn card system has been reshuffled, too. Players can now buy individual cards from a limited, ever-changing stock via Black Market Daily Deals, and an ‘auto-fill’ option has been added to the burn card menu.

Finally, Respawn have introduced the “Fabergé Egg of burn cards” – Roll the Dice allows you to tap into your entire deck from a match.

Check the official site for bugfixes. Do you think you’ll make use of the new Skirmish mode? It’ll put an end to those inconvenient tramplings.

Cheers, VG247.