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Titanfall is going free-to-play in Asia

Titanfall Respawn Vince Zampella

EA are releasing a free-to-play version of Respawn’s Titanfall, but exclusively in Asian regions. The publisher is teaming up with Nexon, who have previously launched other online versions of EA games such as FIFA Online. 

The new version of Titanfall will be designed to “leverage Nexon’s free-to-play expertise to deliver a new and engaging online game”. The free-to-play mech shooter will be released in Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, and Southeast Asia. Respawn Entertainment will be involved in the project, and will collaborate with Nexon.

Nexon have previously worked on other free-to-play reworks of existing western games, including a version ofCounter-Strike which they recreated as a zombies game.

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