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Titanfall update 4 throws in temporary game modes and 14 new burn cards

Titanfall update 4

Titanfall’s next big update – the second one since our Titanfall review – showers pilots with 14 new burn cards, introduces a constantly changing Featured Game Mode and continues to improve matchmaking. Respawn says that it’s coming soon. 

Featured Game Modes are being thown into the playlist mix. They’ll be new game modes that will only stick around for a limited time. Once they conclude, a new one will appear to replace it. The very first mode is Marked for Death, with Wingman Last Titan Standing waiting in the wings. Marked for Death will make a player on each team a target for the enemy. Pilots will have to balance protecting their chum while hunting down the mark on the opposing team.

The new burn cards provide amped Titan weapons and enhanced abilities for the giant mechs. The burn cards can be lost if you die as a Titan, and you’ll be able to spot enemy titans with burn cards activated can be spotted on the HUD, while those carrying cards will be noticeable thanks to an orange highlight.

Improvements to matchmaking mean that teams are now rearranged just before the level loads to ensure that it’s balanced right before the match begins.

A slew of bug fixes and balance tweaks will come with the update, as well. Take a look at the full notes here.