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YouTube stars, Drift0r and TmarTn, had homes targeted by criminals while away at COD XP

TmarTn break-in

A couple of prolific Call of Duty YouTubers saw their homes targeted by criminals while attending a COD event, with one of the break-ins apparently being successful. 

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Popular COD YouTuberDrift0r was the unfortunate soul who ended up broken into, with the intruders allegedly bypassing his security system and disabling his cameras. He says he tried to check in on the dogs via the cameras on his phone streaming system while away, but it was down.

He’s since recovered the tapes, but he has almost a week’s worth of footage to scrub through to see if the cameras picked anything up.

In a strange turn of events, nothing was physically stolen. Instead, the intruders found a well hidden flash drive and disabled his secure boot, stealing a bunch of personal information, installing god-knows-what onto his computer and forcing him to reset it to factory settings.

The flash drive contained sensitive information like medical stuff, finances, and non-disclosure agreements.Drift0r says he’s now worried that something could be pulled out of the data and used against him, taking something from there and using it out of context. He’s not considering anything specific, he says, but he has an awful feeling. Here’s the video:

Drift0r does state in the video that he was never involved in the CSGOLotto scandal, but he shares many of the same sponsors and works in the same circles as TmarTn, one of the main people accused of wrongdoing in that case.

Despite living in different states, someone apparently also tried to break into TmarTn’s house while he was away at the same event. Luckily for the YouTube star, his advanced security system triggered as soon as they touched a window, alerting the neighbours and scaring the criminal away.

TmarTn has since posted a photo on Twitter of him purchasing a firearm.