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Syndicate-inspired isometric assassin ‘em up Tokyo 42 shows off stealth and action

Tokyo 42 combat

Described as a blend of old-school GTA and Syndicate, Tokyo 42 is a stylish isometric stealth game that lets players tackle its missions their own way. This latest video is about just that, showing us a couple of different approaches someone could take in one of the hits. Watch the video embedded above.

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First we’re shown some stealth, which works with vision cones and line of sight, with the player scuttling around cover to try and get behind patrolling guards, before cutting them down with their samurai sword.

The only issue is, when you’re spotted the game becomes a bullet hell shooter, so if you’re close-range you’re probably screwed. It looks pretty unforgiving, as witnessed by the game’s developer repeatedly dying. Sorry, Paul.

The best approach seems to be a blend of stealth and action. A grenade is tossed up to clear out some guards before the main character skulks away and changes their skin. Seconds later, everyone’s all chill about the explosion and the dead dudes, and the protagonist is again free to skulk around stabbing people up, though they can now get in from an entirely new angle.

No doubt there will be more inventive ways to proceed too, but this gives us a little taste of what’s in store in its neon-soaked sandbox. It’s set for release early 2017.