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Navy SEALS join Rainbow Six Siege in latest DLC with two new operators

rainbow six siege operators blackbeard valkyrie

The roster of Ubisoft’s multiplayer demolish-a-thon Rainbow Six Siege is increasing by two in May as the US Navy SEALS join the fray.

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When Operation Dust Line releases on May 9, players with the season pass will gain access to Blackbeard (the man with the black beard above) on the attackers’ side and Valkyrie (doing the Rosie the Riveter pose up there) on defense.

As with their colleagues, each comes with a unique ability or perk and a limited loadout. Blackbeard’s utility will be a shield which he can use with his rifle to avoid headshots when aiming around cover or pushing into a room.

Valkyrie’s ability is placeable sticky cameras, which offer better info-gathering options for the cooped up defenders which are not as easily taken out as the static cameras which remain in the same place every match.

Further details on the operators’ loadout, such as their secondary deployable (grenades, breaching charges, etc.) and which types of main and sidearm they can be equipped with, will be shown on May 7 at the PC R6 Siege Pro League Finals in Cologne.There’ll be a stream if you can’t make the journey, though, don’t worry.

Operation Dust Line is the second of four content packs planned for release in Siege’s first year, following on from Operation Black Ice which added the Canadian special forces unit JTF2 and the Yacht map.