Rainbow Six Siege is trying to get new recruits with a referral program and a free weekend

Rainbow Six Siege free weekend

Rainbow Six Siege is a great game, but it’s one that you really need a bunch of friends to play with. It’s certainly still fun if you’re shooting down walls and rescuing hostages with strangers, but it really comes into its own when played by a bunch of people who know each other and communicate well. 

With that in mind, Ubisoft’s running a friend referral program and a free weekend exclusive to PC. 

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From now and until Sunday at 5:01 AM GMT, existing players can give out four referral keys, which you can get here, recruiting their friends for the weekend. It’s a good way to tempt your chums into the game, and they’ll get a few benefits themselves.

New recruits who decide to buy the game will get a 25% discount if they grab it from the Uplay shop, and they’ll be able to keep all of their in-game progression. As an added bonus, they’ll also get a 24-hour renown boost.

Got any pals who you’d trust in a hostage situation?