Rainbow Six Siege patch 1.2 rolls out today, tick rates blazing


This week, Ubisoft announced that Operation Black Ice – the first Rainbow Six: Siege map and Operator DLC – will not arrive in January as planned but will slip into February instead. To combat this disappointing news, the main game’s 1.2 patch lands on PC today, bringing with it a selection of improvements.

Rainbow Six: Siege is one of our best FPS games on PC.

There’s few things more irritating than jumping into a game where you’re ten levels shy of your opponents, wouldn’t you agree? Siege’s latest patch aims to sort that by more evenly matching bouts, and will also help to ensure pre-made squads are evenly spread so that there’s no odd man or woman left idling (or shooting the shit out of your outnumbered team). What’s more, players using the same data centre should now get paired together, and you can now choose which data centre you’re assigned to in order to minimise latency.

The amount of times positions are checked per second – aka their tick rate – has also risen from 30 to 60 for all PC players.

Speaking to Siege’s main issues, the update makes clear the patch is not the definitive response but a stop gap to a full fix. It reads: “Note that this patch, Update 1.2, will not fix all of our current top issues and that we are actively working on fixing them as soon as possible.”

The Rainbow Six: Siege patch 1.2 also addresses a number of cosmetic and technical bug fixes, the sum of which can be found in this direction.