The Division beta breaks records, logging 6.4 million players across all platforms | PCGamesN

The Division beta breaks records, logging 6.4 million players across all platforms

The Division

The Division's beta logged 6.4 million players, making it the most successful beta for a new IP since the launch of the latest consoles in November 2013.

The Division looks like it could be a winner. See what else is on the horizon in our list of upcoming PC games.

Players spent 4 hours and 52 minutes on average with the game's beta, walking through snowy New York, taking cover by yellow cabs and shooting their mates in the back in the game's PvP Dark Zone. In fact, more than a third of that time was spent in the Dark Zone and more than 2.5 million players went rogue, shooting other players to try and get a bigger portion of the spoils of war.

“We want to thank the millions of people who joined in on The Division’s Open Beta,” said, Magnus Jansen, The Division's creative director. “We hope everybody enjoyed playing, and we think the beta is going to help ensure a great launch for the game. We’re looking forward to everyone getting their hands on the full game when The Division is released on March 8th.”

If you're wondering what all the fuss is about, here are 10 reasons why The Division will be PC's next big RPG. It looks like the game will be supported for a while after launch, too, as Ubisoft have been refreshingly open about their post launch plans, including a raft of free and paid expansions for The Division.

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[GM] SocietyX avatarDustyGerkin avatarMaliceAlyce avatar
[GM] SocietyX Avatar
2 Years ago

Wish I could say I was so confident Division was going to live up to the hype. While what I saw in the Beta was pretty decent they've kept so much of the game under the sheet it makes me way to nervous to pull trigger on preordering the game myself.

To many times burned to entrust in a company, especially one like Ubisoft, to be able to do right by it's players THIS time when they have done so little to even discuss their content plans.

DustyGerkin Avatar
2 Years ago

Overwhelming thoughts were a mix of ooh this looks nice and meh for the game play.

MaliceAlyce Avatar
2 Years ago

How many will buy though after that. Everywhere I've read has been meh reviews