The Division’s DirectX 12 support will arrive next week along with big bug fixes

The Division DirectX 12

The Division’s PC version continues to receive updates and regain players (though not quite all of them). Next week this continues with the introduction of DirectX 12. The patch will come along with a batch of PC-specific bug fixes that should improve performance across the board.

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The moves were announced on the State of the Game podcast ran by the development and community team yesterday.

The summary is:

  • Character control should no longer be lost at random moments (seems like a biggie)
  • High CPU usage should no longer tank game performance
  • Controllers should once again work on PC without crashing the game
  • DirectX 12 will be available, boosting performance on particularly high resolutions (2K/4K).
    • There is a bug with brightness making it unable to be adjusted in DirectX 12 mode and set to the default value.

Massive also announced patch 1.6 will focus on PvP balancing and The Dark Zone, and they’ll be holding another community event, this time in the US, to help develop it. More details on Steam.

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