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The Division has dropped 94% of its players in three months

The Division

Update 17/6: We made Jake redo some maths on this one and while the percentage of players was correct, the exact numbers were wrong. We’ve edited the story to reflect this. 

Remember the Division? It launched three months ago and was Ubisoft’s “fastest-selling game ever”, although they didn’t provide exact sales numbers, the player numbers spoke for themselves.

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Sadly, it seems the would-be Destiny beater has sunk without a trace, with the daily players dropping from 113,877 peak players all the way down to just under 7,247 peak players on Steam for the last couple of days, that’s a drop of around 94%.

The Division was squatting in the five most played games on Steam, peaking at #3. Now it’s sitting at #43. The game has been beset with a variety of issues including server problems, glitches and exploits that hindered many players efforts.

Is this a cause to worry? It’s impossible to say, but Ubisoft are still pushing out content packs and DLC for what they had probably hoped would be their flagship title. If players are dropping the MMO for newer releases, the game might need more than a few content updates to bring people back to the streets of the Big Apple.

You can see information on peak players for the Division on SteamCharts, but it’s not a pretty picture. I’m always been quite a fan of The Division, although haven’t logged in myself in over a month, hopefully it’s still got something up it’s sleeves.