You could be flown to Sweden to help fix The Division


The Division studio Massive are extending an open invite to all players of the maligned MMO to bring them to Sweden and help fix the game.

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Ubisoft recently announced that the next two expansions for their post-apocalyptic shooter will be delayed while some of the more egregious bugs in the game are beaten out.

In order to help them target the ones most prominently affecting player enjoyment, Massive are flying players (Yes! You!) out to their Swedish studios for a mid-week consultancy.

If you’re free from September 7 to 9, fluent in English and able to travel to Malmo, Sweden, then why not fill out this form for a shot at improving the game. It probably also helps if you’ve spent a ridiculous number of days inside The Division’s version of Manhattan, so bear that in mind.

H/t VG24/7