Tomb Raider multiplayer details revealed, and Lara doesn’t feature


Here are details on Tomb Raider’s recently revealed multiplayer mode. Yes, that Tomb Raider. The one that doesn’t really need a multiplayer mode. The one with a setting, cast and plot that almost precludes the inclusion of a multiplayer mode. That one, yes. Not that we’re not open to the idea. After all, a multiplayer mode in Tomb Raider is going to have to be super interesting to warrant its own appearance. So what are we looking at?

Team deathmatch!

The details come from the latest issue of the Official Xbox Magazine, via the Tomb Raider forum and spotted byEurogamer. Team deathmatch in Tomb Raider will see Scavengers battle with Survivors in best-of-three matches that make use of lever-based traps, spikes, destructable scenery such as rope bridges. The same slippery, treacherous surfaces of single player are dotted around multiplayer maps, meaning clumsiercombatants can find themselves tumbling into ravines and over ledges.Also included will be Lara’s bow and arrow weapon.

Another game mode titled Rescue sees survivors collecting a certain number of med-packs and delivering them to a series of locations while scavengers attempt to reach a certain kill count. Survivors have a “bleed-out” time in this modethat can be cut short with a “brutal” melee finisher, however that might work.

A third game mode was mentioned, called “Cry For Help”, which Eidos Montreal say will focus on discovery, collection and adventure rather than combat. Even without further detail,that’s perhapsthe most interesting mode of the three.

A “deep roster” of characters will be available to choose from, each with different stats and loadouts, whilethe upgrade and XPsystems of the single player game will also feature in multiplayer. Lara herself, according to the magazine article, did not feature in multiplayer.

Tomb Raider is due to release in March this year.

Thanks, Eurogamer.