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Square Enix is having a ridiculously big Steam sale this weekend

Square Enix Sale

New Tomb Raider for a fiver. The Thief Collection for £8.24. Just Cause 2 for two pounds? A hovercraft for less than a bag of crisps! A new dress for Lara Croft for eleven pence?!

Square Enix is having a big auld’ Steam sale this weekend and you and your wallet are invited. Titles and entire game collections across the publisher’s range, including Final Fantasy, Tomb Raider, Hitman, Just Cause and Deus Ex, are all enjoying as much as 85% off.

Get your consumerism on. Come on, come on, fill that void in your heart with products!

You can see the entire sale right here.

The offer runs from February 5th (tickety-boo, that’s today) until February 9th, which is Monday. Also on sale this weekend on Steam are Sniper Elite 3 (70% off at £11.99) and Divinity: Original Sin (40% off at £17.99). Both offers end Monday.

To round off the article, here’s a picture of Tomb Raider standing near a sphinx in the 90s. Only 99p that would cost you.

Tomb Raider