Tomb Raider had the potential to sell five or six million copies, say Square Enix


Two weeks ago, we learned that Tomb Raider had sold 3.4 million retail copies – a not insignificant result for you or I, maybe, but for Square Enix? A profound financial disappointment. Now the publisher has revealed that its targets for the Crystal Dynamics game in EU, US and Japanese markets combined were at least another one-and-a-half million higher than that.

Former Square Enix president Yoichi Wada told Siliconera: “Game quality and Metacritic scores led us to believe that Hitman had potential to sell 4.5~5 million units and 5~6 million units for Tomb Raider in EUR/NA and Japanese markets combined.

“Of course, we want to hedge risk in budgeting these units directly into the forecast, therefore we base the forecast on 80-90% of the total sales potential of each title. However, it is disappointing that our results fell below these marks.”

In its financial report to shareholders a fortnight ago, Squeenix cited an “ineffective” North American sales team as one key reason for the “extraordinary loss” the company has suffered over the last financial year.

It’d certainly be a kind of madness to point the finger at Tomb Raider itself: a wonderful game which has barely left the lips of players since its launch. Would you agree?