Tomb Raider multiplayer developed by Deus Ex and Thief 4 studio


Here’s a funny thing. You know Eidos Montreal, the studio built to make the resolutely unmultiplayer Deus Ex: Human Revolution? Them of the upcoming, presumably very single player Thief 4?

Well. It turns out they’ve done the multiplayer bits for the new Tomb Raider.

Crystal Dynamics community manager Meagan Marie said as much on the official Tomb Raider forums: “The team at Eidos Montreal has been working away at the multiplayer while we focused everything on the single-player offering.”

Eidos Montreal and longtime Tomb Raider custodians Crystal Dynamics both live under the Western wing of Square Enix, so that’s what’s happening there.

Still – an odd collaboration for a team that looks set to redefine the contemporary FPS as Noun: A non-linear and somewhat ponderous potter around massive and multi-layered virtual environments. Care to hazard a guess at what they’ve come up with?

Thanks, Eurogamer.