Tomb Raider multiplayer revealed in new trailer


We learned last week that Tomb Raider is to be rebooted avec multiplayer. That means team deathmatch, with added distractions courtesy of tricksy traps, environmental hazards and bows and arrows. One notable single player distraction turned out to have been removed, however – that pesky screenhog, Lara Croft. Peek below the break to find out what the hell Eidos Montreal were thinking.

Tomb Raider’s particular slant on deathmatch aims to capture some of Tomb Raider’s nebulous essence by forefronting survival and traversal. That’s the conclusion to the meandering developmental tale told in this video:

“Familiar yet different” is what Eidos Montreal are grasping for here. Do you think they’ve managed to justify the existence of this peculiar side dish?