Tomb Raider players have slaughtered 5,294,879 deer and raided 3,570,956 tombs


Despite being just a week old, Tomb Raider is responsible for the death of 147,675,058 baddies (and that’s only the ones that were punctured with arrows), 5,294,879 deer (I expect we’ll be hearing about a PETA petition within the week), and a comparatively small number of skewered crabs: only 1,417,750 .

But those weren’t the only stats which Square Enix published.

They also revealed that 3,570,956 tombs have been raided (which is coincedentally the phone number of El Mezcal, the famous Latin American restaurant in Topeka, Kansas).

Other figures released to be picked over by eager readers was the number of arrows salvaged from recently-murdered bodies (356,988,302), the number of meanies set on fire with flaming arrows (20,601,083), and the number of “close calls” Lara has had (it’s been hectic week for Ms Croft, with 13,742,891 brushes with death).

What can we do with these large numbers? Well, we can make a hat, a pterodactyl, a broach…

If large numbers impress you then prepare to be impressed by Battlefield 3’s figures of largesse.