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Tomb Raider trailer shows it will be mature by using black and white film and flesh-covered actors

Pity us PC journalists. Console reviewers everywhere got hold of their review copies of Tomb Raider earlier this week, so they already know whether Crystal Dynamics have managed to find a balance between Uncharted-style player hand-holding and the tomb exploration of the Lara games of old. We PC journo-folk won't be receiving review copies and, like you scruff, have to wait for general release. Oh woe is us.

Square Enix are trying to console this pain by releasing a very serious trailer of the new game in action.

Well, that was quite serious wasn't it?

I say this in every Tomb Raider post but I'm cautiously excited about this reboot. I'm intrigued by the tone the designers have gone for and how well it will carry into how we'll play the game but I'm worried by how much of the footage shown so far seems to be one extremely long scripted sequence.

With its release on the 5 March we don't have long to wait to find out.

Well spotted, VG247.

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VinsanityV22 avatar
VinsanityV22 Avatar
5 Years ago

Julian, I'm so glad YOU'RE the one covering Tomb Raider.

It's been incredibly frustrating watching the entire journalism world be immediately sold on Tomb Raider despite having ignored it's past three (fantastic) entries. I really don't see the appeal in a major game release like this, with it's desaturated, charmless world (oh I'm sorry; it's "realistic" so it's one of the best looking games of the year though. Thanks for reminding me, mainstream). With it's uber scripted, challenge free platforming. With it's typical cover based third person shooting, just like countless popular games this generation. It's clearly decided to swap out anything that made Tomb Raider special in favor of whatever features they need to check off on the back of the box for a modern mainstream hit. One of the most offensive examples of modern games being all homogenized. Heck, according to the reviews, the Tombs aren't even integral in this game - must I remind everyone that the game is called, "TOMB RAIDER"! It's about those ruins; their grand scale, their puzzle laden gameplay, their worldly culture, etc. If I want to sneak around in the wood with a bow and arrow, there are many, many other games can provide that.

I have no idea why YOU'RE the only one not instantly in love with the smell of Crystal Dynamic's fart here. Why YOU'RE the only one who's "cautious excited". Is that really all it takes? Make whatever game you're working on really, really grey and every dang outlet will instantly back it? *sigh* These ARE dark times for the industry...