Top Steam games: GTA 5 and CS:GO lead in the Steam charts November 30-December 6

Blink 182 video recreated in GTA V

Forget the most recent releases in triple-A development, because it’s the golden oldies that are storming the highest echelons of the Steam charts this week. Grand Theft Auto V and Counter-Strike Global Offensive have taken the number one and number two spots respectively, proving that age ain’t nothing but a number. In typical Steam fashion there are a couple of big surprises, least of which are the poor performances of Rainbow Six Siege and Just Cause 3, which both seem to have stumbled onto the middle rungs of the bestsellers ladder.

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The top selling Steam games for week 49 are…

#1 Grand Theft Auto V – $59.99/£39.99

Shooty, killy, thefty simulator, Grand Theft Auto V, has some seriously impressive longevity in its multiplayer features, which could go some way to explaining its out-of-the-blue position at the top of the Steam bestsellers list. However, the fact that it was discounted in Steam Exploration sale is a more likely explanation.

#2 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – $14.99/£11.99

CS:Go tips

A whopping 75% discount in the Steam Exploration sale has given this three-year-old FPS titan a well-deserved boost up to second place in the Steam charts.

#3 Fallout 4 – $59.99/£39.99

Fallout 4 graphics

It’s the post-apocalyptic game that’ll have a whole new generation of gamers singing 1930s classics from groups like The Ink Spots and Louis Jordan & His Tympany Five. Seeing as gamers have been waiting five years for a Fallout sequel it’s not too surprising that Fallout 4 is still selling strongly almost a month after its release.

#4 Rainbow Six Siege – $59.99/£49.99

Rainbow Six Siege TK

For a new instalment to a triple-A title with a strong following, Rainbow Six Siege seems to be struggling on Steam, both in terms of sales and player numbers. The hefty price tag of $60 can’t help matters.

#5 Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – $59.99/£49.99


Still a pretty comprehensive test of your PC specs, Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has had a resurgence in the Steam charts thanks to some help from the end-of-November Steam sale.

#6 Just Cause 3 – $59.99/£39.99

Sixth place simply isn’t good enough for a game that lets you use a cow as mobile wrecking ball by tethering it to a helicopter. Nope, not good enough at all. Check out our review of Avalanche Studios’ sandbox blow-em-up.

#7 Rocket League – $19.99/£14.99

Rocket League Vault Boy antenna

Jet boosters, loads of ridiculous goals and some of the best looking grass in gaming. The fact that it’s almost always in the Steam charts speaks wonders of the addictiveness of this rocket-powered twist on 5-a-side.

#8 ARK: Survival Evolved – $29.99/£22.99

Barebones survival games have had some strong interest in the past couple of years. This is not a barebones survival game… this is a survival game where you can ride dinosaurs, and that’s infinitely better.

#9 Elite Dangerous – $44.99/£29.99


The Steam Exploration sale has also given its support to quintessential space epic Elite Dangerous, helping the game into eighth spot and giving more people the chance to wage virtual war across the Milky Way.

#10 The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Legendary Edition – $39.99/£19.99


I imagine a good deal of gamers are suffering from post-apocalyptic fatigue in the wake of Fallout 4’s release and have turned back to the magic and cat-people filled world of The Elder Scrolls. Either that or yet again a Steam sale has messed about with the bestsellers list, leaving me to pick up the pieces.

Top Steam games: Fallout 4 and Football Manager 2016 top the Steam charts November 16-22

War never changes, sure, but apparently neither does the coveted Steam bestseller as Fallout 4 leads the chart for the third week in a row. Near perfect Kevin Keegan sim, Football Manager 2016, also makes the number two slot for the second week in a row while elsewhere the Steamweekend deal dumphas pushed a couple unlikely names into the mix, such asSpace EngineersandDying Light.

The top selling Steam games for week 47 are…

#1 Fallout 4 – $59.99/£39.99

Fallout 4 patch

Endless content, big ideas and ridiculous roleplays keep Fallout 4 on the tip of every gamer’s tongue, so it’s no surprise that it’s still the best selling game on Steam. Get stuck into the game’s versatile construction feature or get to grips with the increasing number of top quality mods that are already out – the main narrative can wait.

#2 Football Manager 2016 – $49.99/£34.99

Football Manager 2016

The latest iteration of the ever addictive and incredibly accurate Football Manager franchise hasn’t been with us long, but it’s already evident that it’s one of the best in the series. More polished, more stats, more telling virtual versions of real people how to kick a ball really good-like.

#3 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – $14.99/£11.99

Move over billion-dollar fps franchise Call of Duty, Steam is a CS:GO town. Just over two weeks after the launch of Call of Duty: Black Ops III and the much loved Valve shooter is already outselling the genre behemoth.

#4 Call of Duty: Black Ops III – $59.99/£39.99

Black Ops 3

Boasting the franchise’s best multiplayer experience in years and a revamped Zombies experience that’s worth a look at, Call of Duty: Black Ops III is still making good numbers on Steam. It’s hard to say whether the poor PC port has dented the game’s sales.

#5 Grand Theft Auto V – $59.99/£39.99


This game just gives and gives until you’re tired and weary of its sun-kissed sandbox. Then of course it’s time for you to sink your teeth into the expansive and occasionally bewildering multiplayer full of great mods to try out.

#6 ARK: Survival Evolved – $29.99/£15.40

Imagine if someone made a good game adaptation of Jurassic World –ARK: Survival Evolved would be that game. Riding velociraptors, shooting peaceful herbivores and coming across creatures that no amount of enthusiastic childhood paleontology could have properly prepared you for.

#7 Assassin’s Creed Syndicate – $59.99/£49.99

Assassin's Creed Syndicate

Forget about all the new features present in Assassin’s Creed Syndicate, this is the first in the series to feature trains! The PC port is pretty decent too.

#8 Fallout 4 Season Pass – $29.99/£24.99

We don’t know anything about the DLC coming to Fallout 4, but the rule is and always has been: more Fallout is always welcome. The times are complicated, Fallout is simple.

#9 Space Engineers – $12.49/£9.49

Space Engineers copies sold Keen Software

A tidy 50% discount on this Early Access space game is reason enough to see it enter the Steam charts. The fact that it’s quite brilliant too surely helps.

#10 Dying Light – $29.99/£19.99

A sunset over a gold-white city viewed from a distant rooftop.

With popular culture experiencing a bit of zombie fatigue this year what with all films, books, TV shows and games seemingly featuring the shuffling creeps, it’s good to see the brain eaters back on top form: selling strongly with a 50% discount propping them up at the lowest rung of the Steam sales ladder.

Top Steam games: Fallout 4 and Football Manager 2016 top the Steam charts November 9-15

The Steam bestsellers for this week are in and Fallout 4 is still understandably topping the chart, while Call of Duty: Black Ops III has lost its runners-up position to Football Manager 2016. There are also a couple of surprise entries too, with Valve’s innovative Steam Controller and indie smash hit Rocket League doing good business as well.

The top selling Steam games for week 46 are…

#1 Fallout 4 – $59.99/£39.99

With a broadly successful launch and swathes of positive reviews, it’s no wonder Fallout 4 is still Steam’s bestseller. The Boston wasteland is full of things to do, people to meet then consider cannibalising and places to go, so it’s likely that Fallout 4 will be making the Steam charts for a few weeks yet. Check out our Fallout 4 guide if you’re new to the wasteland.

#2 Football Manager 2016 – $49.99/£34.99

Football Manager 2016

The latest iteration of the hugely successful Football Manager series is arguably the most refined and polished in years. But it also boasts plenty of innovative managerial features, from multi match highlights and Prozone match analysis to an on-the-touchline manager and the new Fantasy Draft game mode.

#3 Call of Duty: Black Ops III – $59.99/£39.99

Treyarch’s return to the triple-A franchise they helped establish has been well received thanks to some vital multiplayer tweaks and greater love shown to the iconic Zombies game mode. Shame about the PC port though.

#4 Fallout 4 Season Pass – $29.99/£24.99

It’s a testament to the love gamers have for the Fallout franchise that so many are willing to put forward their hard earned for a season pass of DLC they know nothing about. If Fallout 4’s post launch offerings are as good as the franchise’s previous then it’s money well spent.

#5 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – $14.99/£11.99

CS:GO consistent ability to place in the middle echelons of the Steam bestsellers is most likely due to its devout community, simple shooter mechanics and highly competitive gameplay.

#6 ARK: Survival Evolved – $20.99/£15.40

Soaring through the air atop a pteranodon, taming sabretooth tigers and just generally being a bit awesome is the meat and potatoes of ARK: Survival Evolved. It’s on sale too, so now’s a great time to check it out.

#7 Grand Theft Auto V – $59.99/£39.99

It’s not hard to justify GTA 5’s constant presence in the Steam charts, even two years after its initial release on consoles – it really is that good.

#8 Rocket League – $19.99/£14.99

Rocket League and real life football share last-ditch tackles, off the line saves and sumptuous aerial shots … but real life football doesn’t have monster trucks and rocket boosts.

#9 Call of Duty: Black Ops III – Digital Deluxe – $99.99/£69.99

Bundling the standard Black Ops III game in with its Season Pass will save you a neat £5 if you were planning to purchase the two separately, and that saving seems to be proving popular with a number of gamers.

#10 Steam Controller – $49.99/£39.99

The biggest surprise of this week’s Steam charts is easily the appearance of Valve’s complicated but potentially brilliant Steam Controller. On sale alongside the first line of Steam Machines, the controller aims to marry the tactility of console controllers with the versatility of a keyboard and mouse. The jury is still out on whether they succeeded.

Top Steam games: Fallout 4 and Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 lead in the Steam charts November 2-8

This week’s Steam bestsellers are here, and unsurprisingly Fallout 4 tops the list, with last week’s major release, Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 holding onto second place. It’s not just blockbuster titles making the Steam top ten either, with a couple of smaller titles likeThe Binding of Isaac: AfterbirthandAnno 2205creeping into the list too.

The top selling Steam games for week 45 are…

#1 Fallout 4 – $59.99/£39.99

The apocalypse is almost upon us and judging by Fallout 4’s position at the highest rung of the Steam sales ladder, it’s going to be welcomed with open arms. Whether or not Deathclaw infested Massachusetts will live up to everybody’s expectations is still up for debate – check out our review.

#2 Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 – $59.99/£39.99

Despite the PC port’s many issues, the triple-A FPS title is selling very strongly. The leviathan blockbuster was always going to sell well, especially considering how strong the following for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 was in the run up to Black Ops 3’s launch.

#3 Grand Theft Auto V – $59.99/£39.99

With the 33% discount over, GTA 5 has started to drop places in the Steam charts, though not too dramatically. That’s an impressive feat for a game that was initially released, albeit on console, over two years ago.

#4 Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 – Digital Deluxe – $99.99/£69.99

Shelling out £70 on a game whose performance on PC is passable at best is quite a commitment. Still, the promise of fan favourite maps, additional Zombies content and 4 DLC map packs is surely enough for those who are going to put serious time into the game.

#5 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – $14.99/£11.99

As per usual, CS:GO has found its merry way into the mid section of the Steam charts. Its popularity speaks for itself.

#6 Fallout 4 Season Pass – $29.99/£24.99

With no word on what Fallout 4’s add ons will be yet, you might argue it’s a little early to be snapping up season passes for the game, even for all of Fallout 3’s VR, alien abduction and bayou-exploring antics.

#7 Football Manager 2016 – $49.99/£34.99

Maintaining a strong presence in the Steam charts, Football Manager 2016 looks set be the most polished iteration of the beloved franchise in some time. Pre-purchase will also grant customers access to the ongoing beta, letting you start your career ahead of launch.

#8 ARK: Survival Evolved – $29.99/£22.99

Guns, dinosaurs and riding a giant swamp reptile into battle – ARK: Survival Evolved is still doing well and it’s no doubt a result of those things.

#9 Anno 2205 – $59.99/£49.99

City building on good old Planet Earth is fun and all, but trying to make a metropolis function in space is where the real action is.

#10 The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth – $10.99/£7.99

Games where players take control of a crying, naked boy aren’t usually popular, but this roguelike dungeon crawler is really, really good, and the gruesomely titled DLC adds even more goodness.

Top Steam games: Fallout 4 and GTA 5 top the Steam charts October 26-November 1, 2015

This week’s Steam chart is in, with an eclectic selection of titles making the bestsellers list from indies to triple-A behemoths and a couple of surprise entries too, including Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor Game of the Year Edition and Ark: Survival Evolved.

The top selling Steam games for week 44 are…

#1 Grand Theft Auto 5 – $40.19/£26.79

A 33% discount has seen GTA 5 soar to the very top of the Steam chart this week, ensuring plenty of virtual driving, shooting and killing for any budget. It’s quite likely that Grand Theft Auto Online’s Halloween weekend event provided part of the impetus.

#2 Fallout 4 – $59.99/£39.99

With Fallout 4’s launch imminent, it’s no wonder that pre orders for the wanderer’s upcoming adventure are still strong. While you’re waiting to explore post-apocalyptic Boston, here’s everything we know about Fallout 4 so far.

#3 Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide – $29.99/£22.99

This latest instalment of the Warhammer franchise sees players fighting through the final days of the iconic Warhammer universe in four player co-op against hordes of Skaven.

#4 Football Manager 2016 – $49.99/£34.99

Still the best football management sim out there and selling strongly ahead of its release next week, Football Manager 2016 looks set to consume countless hours from would be Harry Redknapps worldwide.

#5 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – $14.99/£11.99

Nary a week goes by that CS:GO fails to feature in the Steam charts. The immensely popular multiplayer first-person shooter still boasts one of the most active and committed gaming communities around.

#6 Ark: Survival Evolved – $20.09/£15.40

For a multiplayer first-person survival game that lets players tame and ride dinosaurs, I’d say 6th spot is nowhere near good enough.

#7 The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth – $10.99/£7.99

New monsters, extra playable characters, hosts of superhuman pickups and even more rooms full of poop are among the reasons that people are flocking to the The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth’s revoltingly titled DLC expansion, Afterbirth.

#8 Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor – Game of the Year Edition – $15.38/£10.19

Every piece of DLC, an already top notch triple-A LOTR game and 66% discount has put Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor back into the Steam charts.

#9 The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – $41.99/£34.99

Test your PC to its absolute limits with this visually stunning RPG.Steam have slapped a 30% discount on it too, which means more money for graphics cards.

#10 Rocket League – $19.99/£14.99

Rocket powered cars are a surefire way to make the average game of five-a-side a little more interesting; from game changing last ditch saves to stylish goals, Rocket League is a great remedy to the Fifa tedium.