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Topic of the Week: Do you care about review scores?

Topic of the Week: Review Scores

The lovely folks over at Eurogamer have kicked review scores to the curb today, and Joystiq did the same last month. No more numbers, lurking at the bottom of reviews, inciting impotent rage and awkward comparisons. But maybe they’re helpful and will be missed. I don’t know! That’s why this week’s Topic of the Week is all about review scores, and what you make of all these funny little numbers. 

It’s worth noting that asking what you fine people think about review scores doesn’t mean we’re considering dumping then. But maybe we are! We’re an enigma, at PCGamesN. Perhaps we’ll end our reviews with pictures of cats. Should we use cats instead of numbers? Let us know in the comments. 

As always, I’ll get the ball rolling.

Yes, I think we should use cats instead of numbers. Or lizards wearing hats. Or maybe pictures of my dog, Max, wearing various cool bandanas. He has one with a skulls printed on it, and it just makes me giggle every time. Awww, look at him.

If a game is especially great, like Sunless Sea, which I recently reviewed and gushed about, then we could score it with two cute animals.


Anyway, that’s enough from me (and Max). Tell us what you think about review scores.