Topic of the Week: what are you looking forward to from Gamescom 2015?


Oh yes, it’s the topic of the week! Arriving late definitely for a reason other than we were all distracted by the topic of the week! Specifically: I was distracted. Moving on: gamescom is on, right this second.

We’re one conference down and our news coverage is already filled with trailers, announcements and interesting tidbits. Tomorrow is EA, Blizzard is throughout the week and many other companies will be taking the opportunity to let you know what they’re up to.

So tell us, dear reader, what are you wanting to know more about? Who’s got you hyped and who are you ignoring? We’ve got quite the squad out there covering the show and we’ll relay what you’re after to them. No promises of course – our schedule is, literally, fully packed as it is – but if we know what you want, we can do our best to prioritise it.

For myself it’s all Blizzard, all the time. An impromptu trip to London from Thursday is ruining all plans of watching streams, but I’ll be hanging by every news-thread for more news on the WoW expansion and Overwatch particularly.