Topic of the Week: What games do you play on your laptop?

Topic of the Week: Laptops

Last week, Matt posted his list of the best games for laptops, but now that we know what Matt’s list contains, we want to know what you’ve got installed on your own wee portable PCs. 

So that’s our Topic of the Week: what do you play on your laptop? Is it a vault that contains nostalgic treasures, or have you splashed out on a gaming laptop and filled it with flashy modern stuff? 

I have been sans laptop since my last one took its own life almost 10 years ago. Tough times.

Before it died, I was playing a lot of SimCity 4, Civilization 2 and Infinity Engine RPGs. They were all mainstays on the laptop, but they were all just a little bit more fidgety than they would have been on my desktop.

If you’ll forgive me for the platform treachery, I generally prefer my Vita or 3DS for gaming when out and about or draped over the sofa. But maybe I’m missing out. Educate me, chums. What do you play on yours?