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Topic of the Week: What great games were largely ignored by the press or gamers?

Topic of the Week: What great games were largely ignored by the press or gamers

While we’re in the business of shining a light on great games and recommending them to you, fattening you up with the best PC title we can find, sometimes we miss a few. Sometimes you do too. Especially now, when there are countless PC games releasing every month, it’s hard to keep track of them all. 

So for our Topic of the Week, we want you to help us make up for that. What games do you love, but that the press or your fellow gamers largely ignored. Now is the time to shout about them, and maybe get more people playing them. 

I’ll get the ball rolling.

I’m still surprised whenever I mention Anachronox, and I see blank faces, or even if I get a nod and a “Yeah, I think I remember that game,” it’s usually accompanied by “but I never played it”. The weird western RPG with JRPG combat did get covered by the press, and even got quite a bit of critical success, but that didn’t translate to people actually buying the game.

I wrote about it in our Best RPGs on PC list, so I’m just going to steal my own words.

“The weird blend of console-style JPRG combat with western cyberpunk and film noir themes is a bizarre combination, and yet Anachronox makes it work against all the odds. It’s still completely ridiculous though. You’ve got a down on his luck private investigator nicknamed ‘Sly Boots’ living on a city-planet that’s constantly shifting where, if you look up, you’ll see people walking upside down on gravity-defying streets, and somehow this drunk, sarcastic fellow is meant to stop the galaxy from being annihilated.“

Alright, enough from me. Drown us all in recommendations.