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Topic of the Week: What would you like Blizzard to announce at BlizzCon?

Topic of the Week: BlizzCon

BlizzCon is almost upon us, chums! That means two days of eSports shenanigans, developer panels and, of course, announcements. Oh yeah, and Metallica. While old men listening to old men playing thrash metal is sure to be fun (or it would be if it was Slayer), we’re a bit more interested in what new games or expansions Blizzard will be revealing this year. 

So that’s our Topic of the Week: what would you like Blizzard to announce at BlizzCon? Post-expansion content for World of Warcraft? More DLC for Hearthstone? Eye of Azshara, whatever that may be? Spill your hopes out in the comments. 

As always, I’ll get the ball rolling. 

I want to find out what we can expect in a post-Warlords of Draenor world. Blizzard have opened up a whole kettle of fish by doing a time travel expansion, and the implications are rather massive. There’s another universe out there now, where much of WoW’s history didn’t happen. I can’t see Blizzard leaving this alone.

And there’s also the updated Warcraft games that Blizzard have teased. The originals are a bit long in the tooth now, but still brilliant, and no doubt many would do terrible things for some remastered versions. 

Okay, enough from me. What do you lovely folk want? 

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Empyre avatarSoxekaj avatarRob Zacny avatarTim Edwards avatarcgerrr avatarAcid Hoover avatar+3
Empyre Avatar
3 Years ago

A new IP. I dare them.

Rob Zacny Avatar
3 Years ago

Warcraft 4.

Tim Edwards Avatar
3 Years ago

I'm putting a very small bet on Eye of Azshara being a freebie campaign for a remastered Warcraft 3.

Soxekaj Avatar
3 Years ago

More cards for Hearthstone, lets get some more exitement into the game with more card variety.

Acid Hoover Avatar
3 Years ago

Hmmmm, how about a secret MMOFPS project that they were working on. With the cancellation of Titan being an evil ruse?

Failing that, a date for the Android Tablet version of Hearthstone would be just lovely thanks.

Mountain_Man Avatar
3 Years ago

It's a long shot, but I'd love to see them announce native Linux support, especially for Diablo 3.

Tovias Avatar
3 Years ago

Metallica missed the plane

WizardlyWolf Avatar
3 Years ago

titan >_> (even though its cancelled)

cgerrr Avatar
3 Years ago

Their disbandment:

All they do nowadays is just disappointing soulless money grab. I'd rather see some new thriving dev team/company in their place.