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Topic of the Week: Where do you play, and what do you play on?

Topic of the Week: Where do you game

Hello! It’s Tuesday, which means that it’s time, once again, for we mere cogs in the PCGamesN hypermachine to probe you. With questions. For this week’s Topic of the Week, we want to know where you game. Are you a desk-bound traditionalist, holed up inside a study? Or are you more at home in a comfy chair with a laptop resting on your legs? Perhaps you’re one of those living room people, playing everything from the couch while you stare at a 50 inch telly. 

Let us know in the comments. 

As always, I’ll get the ball rolling.

I was, until very recently, a desk man. For a long time, that meant playing in my bedroom, because I lived in pokey wee flats that didn’t have a spare room for a study. Getting a room dedicated to my PC was one of the reasons I decided to stop renting and bought my first home, where I turned the master bedroom into a huge office, complete with a big ol’ lawyer’s desk.

It turns out, though, that a room where you spend 8+ hours a day writing about games is not conducive to relaxation. I ended up feeling a little bit like I was still working. Indeed, I’d often end up going back into work mode instead of kicking back with a game.

A new laptop’s solved all of that. Ostensibly the laptop’s actually for work. It’s an XPS 12, so it’s perfect for press events or working when I’m on a bus, train or trapped in the sky on a plane. But more often than not, I’ll take it into the living room and use Steam in-home streaming while on my absurdly comfy sofa.

I still play on my desktop a lot, though. I write a lot in the living room these days, so the study doesn’t feel like just a work environment. That’s good, because I’ve got a lovely, big monitor and while in-home streaming is great, the image quality isn’t quite as good as it is on the source machine.

Anyway, that’s enough from me. Where do you lovely folk play your PC games, and what do you play on?