Torchlight II free until Sunday on Steam, you’d be mad not to play it

Torchlight II free weekend

I’m rather fond of Torchlight II. So much so, that I put it on my best PC RPG list, a decision that I’m going to call “divisive” because that seems better than “made people think I was gargling paint thinner”. 

Instead of apologising for not putting Diablo in the list instead, I’m just going to direct you to Torchlight II’s free weekend on Steam. If you’re diligent, you can probably finish an entire playthrough in one weekend, so that’s nice. 

The free weekend kicked off yesterday (which is not the weekend, as eagle-eyed readers might have noticed), and will run until Sunday, 1PM PST. As an added bonus, the game’s on sale for 75 percent off, so if you like it a lot – which you really should – you can grab it for £3.74.

Feel free to come up to me in the street and tell me how right I was about my best RPG list after you play. I will appreciate it and maybe make you a lovely sandwich.