Today’s free game from Epic is for Diablo fans

Epic’s bonanza of free PC games for the holidays comes to an end soon, but there are still a couple of more freebies to collect before all is said and done. Today’s giveaway is a familiar one – it was previously given away in July – but if you’re a fan of action-RPG games and missed out on it before, now’s your chance to grab Torchlight 2 for free.

Torchlight 2 is currently free on the usual Epic Games Store promotion page, and will be until tomorrow, December 31, at 8:00 PST / 11:00 EST / 16:00 GMT, when it’ll be replaced by the final free game of the 15 day event. If you’ve yet to claim an Epic freebie during all this, doing so will get you a $10 coupon for use in the holiday sale. That coupon will refresh every time you use it, too.

Torchlight 2 came out the same year as Diablo 3 – which is, incidentally, preparing for the next Darkening of Tristram – and offered a much more traditional ARPG experience in the vein of Diablo 2. It’s still one of the best games of its type, and if you’re eagerly awaiting the Diablo 4 release date, it’ll be a great way to fill that time.

There’s one more Epic freebie to go this year, and according to the very accurate list that’s leaked onto the internet, that last title will be Jurassic World Evolution. Not a bad way to close things out.

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