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Free Diablo rival Torchlight Infinite unleashes “biggest update ever”

If you’re waiting for Diablo 4 Season 5, free Steam game Torchlight Infinite is about to launch its biggest update yet, Clockwork Ballet.

Torchlight Infinite Season 5 Clockwork Ballet features the free Diablo rival's biggest update yet - A clockwork robot face looks down at you with shining golden eyes.

There are a lot of great games like Diablo on PC nowadays, with contenders like Path of Exile and Last Epoch, alongside plenty of big upcoming games including Titan Quest 2 and PoE 2. But if you’re looking for a free game to scratch that ARPG itch, Torchlight Infinite might be just what you’re after, delivering a more satisfying experience on PC than its crossover rival Diablo Immortal. Its newest season is just about to begin, and developer XD promises the “biggest update ever” to entice you in.

Torchlight Infinite Season 5 is titled ‘Clockwork Ballet’ and kicks off very soon, bringing a range of new enemies, gear, and more to the free Steam game. Alongside the new additions, XD has focused on “improvements to minute-to-minute gameplay that will revolutionize the player experience.” In particular, PC players are given a completely new user interface that is a lot better suited to the platform.

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The season sees a range of terrifying clockwork dolls scattered across the world. Defeating them earns you coupons to unlock seasonal rewards, and as you progress you can upgrade your challenge rating and “become the ultimate doll destroyer.” Ultimately, you go toe-to-toe with a new seasonal boss, the enigmatic Silverwing Dansuse.

Divineshot Carino gets a new hero trait, Zealot of War, which transforms him into a “gatling gunslinger” that can flip between Mobility and Annihilation combat modes as the situation requires. Of course, there’s also new legendary gear to unlock, two additional Pactspirits including a projectile-focused combat companion with knockback effects, and plenty of additional outfits to obtain.

You can now reset talents for free up to level 90, ten higher than previously, giving you more time to experiment with your builds. The Netherrealm endgame has been simplified slightly, and a new Legendary Visions event that goes live alongside the new season will allow you to increase the drop rates for legendary gear, making it easier to get your hands on the best loot.

Torchlight Infinite Clockwork Ballet - Cartoon artwork for Season 5 of the free-to-play ARPG.

Torchlight Infinite Season 5, Clockwork Ballet, begins Thursday July 4 at 7pm PDT / 10pm EDT (Friday July 5 at 3am BST / 4am CEST). If you want to jump in, you can play it for free on Steam.

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