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Torchlight Infinite makes dramatic Steam comeback with Season 5 launch

Torchlight Infinite Season 5 begins, and the Clockwork Ballet update sparks the free PC game’s player count to spike dramatically on Steam.

The Diablo 4 Season 5 PTR is over, and the full launch is still a month away. Last Epoch’s second cycle remains a few days out, and Path of Exile 2 has been pushed back out of sight for now. So what’s an APRG lover to do? The answer may lie with Torchlight Infinite, the free-to-play Steam game that’s just launched its fifth season, Clockwork Ballet. Boasting its biggest update yet, there are plenty of reasons to jump in – and a lot of players already have.

Torchlight Infinite is one of the best free games like Diablo, offering a more dynamic combat and skill system than Blizzard’s crossover effort Diablo Immortal, including a more PC-friendly interface that’s just been overhauled with this latest update. It’s a game better-suited to the traditional monster-bashing, loot-grabbing style of classic ARPGs than fellow free Steam game Lost Ark and its more massively multiplayer structure.

Clockwork Ballet is the game’s fifth season, and as the name suggests it unleashes a nightmare army of clockwork dolls upon its world. Take them down, earn a range of all-new legendary gear, Pactspirits, and outfits, and eventually face off against the creatures’ mysterious leader, Silverwing Dansuse.

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The standout addition is a new hero trait for gunslinger Divineshot Carino. Zealot of War allows you to flip between Annihilator Mode, which allows you to deal massive damage with big attack and cast speed buffs, and Mobile Mode, where you’re given increased movement speed and a boost to damage against non-elites to help you clear out trash packs more quickly.

Zealot of War is a fun twist on Carino’s existing playstyles, requiring you to fight up-close and necessitating a bit more commitment to your big attacks, but offering some fantastic DPS once you get up and running. The Blank Shots modifier allows you to keep firing after your chamber empties, ramping up your damage dramatically as your gun overheats – it eventually necessitates a reload, but it’s a great way to squeeze out that final damage burst.

The Clockwork Ballet release seems to have drawn attention, too. The season has seen players come back in their thousands, with the game’s Steam concurrent user count soaring to a high of almost 10,000 players. That’s more than 10 times the numbers it’s been reaching since the start of June, bringing it back to the highs seen at the season four launch in April – proving that the appeal of a new update is still strong.

Free Diablo-style RPG Torchlight Infinite makes Steam comeback - SteamDB chart showing player count peaking at 9,454 in the past 24 hours.

While Torchlight Infinite doesn’t typically keep me coming back week after week the way Last Epoch or a strong Path of Exile league can do, I always really enjoy seeing the new offering with each season. If you’re curious for something to scratch that ARPG itch, it’s certainly worth a look – and at a starting price of free, there’s really no reason to miss out.

Torchlight Infinite Season 5, Clockwork Ballet, is out now. You can play the game for free on Steam. Simply head to the store page to download it and jump into the new season.

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