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Torment: Tides of Numenera release date pushed back to 2015 due to overfunding


Now you’ve gone and done it. Such was the weight and velocity of the money thrown at InXile’s Torment: Tides of Pneumothorax on Kickstarter that the game’s been knocked into 2015. Guess what year it isn’t right now?

In a Kickstarter update, InXile explained that Torment had been designed to be “modular” – that is, to be easily expandable in the event that the team managed to garner any extra funding for development.

As the project’s initial $900,000 goal recedes into distant memory as a quite funny joke somebody once made, it’s become clear that InXile can afford to extend their initial vision beyond the conservatories and loft conversions they’d dared to hope for and build an entire new wing to the house. And to do that, they’re going to need more time.

“While we do not yet know what our final development budget will be, we do know that we’ll need a few months past the December 2014 launch date we first proposed at $900,000.

“We thank you greatly for providing us enough resources to increase Torment’s scope and quality bar. It’s our plan to use funds to keep the team on the project longer, allowing us to design, iterate, and polish more, to make a game that truly lives up to the Torment name.”

InXile promise more details on scheduling once the Kickstarter finishes in less than three days’ time. They’re tentatively preparing for a grand total of $4m or so.

“In terms of funding, it is typical for a large-ish video game Kickstarter to gain around 20% of its total backers within the last few days – even those that end more slowly have about 15% during this time,” said the developers.

“In extreme cases, one-third or more of the total funding can arrive during the final days. And most of this is in the last day. Each Kickstarter is unique, and Torment gained a lot of attention early, but $4M or more is very attainable.”

Among the stretch goals yet to be grasped are an in-game player stronghold, expanded reactivity throughout the game world, and the developmental support of one Chris Avellone, who is apparently worth $3.5m.

How much would you pay for a Chris Avellone, in mint condition?

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