We’ve got 1,000 elite archer and reward boost packs for Total War: Arena. Would you like one?

Total War: Arena

It’s testament to the reputation of the Romans that they turn ‘auxiliary’, a word that could be applied to an extra plastic bag at the supermarket, into a title of considerable badassery. We’ve got 1,000 codes granting access to both the elite archers of the Auxiliary Sagittarii and 14 days of reward-boosting premium account status – and if you’re playing Creative Assembly’s open beta MOBAttler, we’d like to give one to you.

The Sagittarii are well-armoured shock troops from Syria, and shoot much further than their javelin-wielding counterparts. In Total War: Arena they’re a third tier unit, providing long distance crowd control that complements Roman heavy infantry.

The premium account status will give you a 50% bonus to battle rewards, plus a bunch of experience and silver.

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