Rise of Mordor Total War mod now available in alpha


If Warhammer was a good fit for Total War, then The Lord of the Rings is a pretty perfect one, what with its epic story of massive armies clashing in a fight for the future of Middle-earth. Rise of Mordor is a total conversion mod for Total War: Attila, and there’s an alpha now available to try out.

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Ultimately, Rise of Mordor (available on ModDB) will comprise 19 Middle-earth factions, including Dale, the Haradrim, Isengard, Gondor, and Dol Guldur, among others. The modders say when it’s done it will also include a full campaign that is lore-accurate with the books, and they’re working on creating custom siege battlefields and some of Tolkien’s creatures, like trolls and Mûmakil. There’s currently no set release date for the complete version of the mod.

The modding team is also looking for volunteers who can work as 3D character artists, 3D building and environment artists, and a ModDB web developer. You can find out more about how to volunteer at Total War Center.

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Top image credit: ModDB