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Re-enact Avatar: The Last Airbender’s wars in this upcoming Rome: Total War mod

Two campaigns will be playable

a roman legionary and a gallic warrior square off on a battlefield

If the peaceful resolution of Avatar: The Last Airbender wasn’t what you had in mind, this Rome: Total War mod will let you change that. The modification turns the strategy game into a battle between the four elemental nations of the world, Aang and Zuko right at the forefront.

The Last Airbender: Total War will be a top-to-bottom transformation, turning all the available families and factions into the element-based kingdoms of the popular animated series, and replacing the models with the Avatar’s beloved cast of characters. The plan is to have as many aspects of the animation as possible, letting you just straight up go to war, or play out your favourite pivotal scenes and moments of battle.

The mod is unfinished, but according to the latest update from creator KurdishNomad on ModDB, a 2021 release date is on the cards. Two campaigns will be available: an open-ended one featuring Sozin as he leads the Fire Nation in the world war that frames the show, and the main plot, though only some of that will be playable at first, as KurdishNomad works out all the logistics. In previous posts, you can see the settlements for the Water, Earth, and Fire nations.

A cinematic trailer from late last year gives a pretty good look at how it’ll all work in action:

Naturally, you’ll need Rome: Total War for the mod, and you can find it on Steam here. Elsewhere in Total War, our Sean Martin enjoyed playing Total War: Warhammer 2’s The Twisted and the Twilight DLC. You can pick up Total War: Warhammer 2 for 72% off using this code. As always, mod with caution.