Total War: Rome II’s Wrath of Sparta campaign is out now and full of angry Greeks

Total War: Rome II - Wrath of Sparta launch

To keep you busy with clashing armies and big military campaigns while you wait for Total War: Atilla, Creative Assembly has released the Wrath of Sparta campaign for Total War: Rome II. 

Wrath of Sparta covers the Peloponnesian Wars, at the Greek city states start squaring up to each other in an effort to be the big Hellenic dog. Rub your eyeballs all over the official trailer below. 

You can lead your city state to victory or ruin today, but you’ll need to slap down £9.99/$14.99 first.

For that, you’ll get the Peloponnesian Wars campaign, four new factions – though there’s some overlap between them and the Greek factions in the main game – and new technologies and cultures.