Total War: Rome 2 – Rise of the Republic is a new prequel expansion

Total War Rome II Rise of the Republic

Creative Assembly has just announced a new expansion for Total War: Rome II. Rise of the Republic will act as a full prequel campaign for Rome II, and will release early next month. It is available now for pre-order.

Set in 399 BC, Rise of the Republic adds a new campaign pack charting the events of Rome at the turn of the fourth century (BC). The campaign involves a full map of Italy, and stretches across the Mediterranean Sea to include Sicily, Sardinia, and Corsica, as well as Rome’s ancient enemies, Carthage.

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As well as the threat that lies across the sea, Rise of the Republic introduces plenty of threats that lie closer to the home of the empire. Gauls, led by Brennus, have recently settled in eastern Italy, while in Sicily, the tyrannical Dionysus rules, and has Rome firmly in his sights. As Rome continues to grow, it must contend with eight local factions, from local tribes to nearby Spartan city-states.

Rise of the Republic will also introduce post-battle loot, as well as new technologies. There’s also a new ‘government actions’ tool, which replaces the change government system from Rome II. The options provide unique bonuses (at a cost) and Creative Assembly says that they’ll make each faction “uniquely replayable.”

You can check out more information about the game, including a look at its new campaign map on its Steam page. Once there, you can get hold of the game with a pre-order discount of 10%, until its release, currently scheduled for August 9.