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Looks like Troy: A Total War Saga is official

The next Total War Saga title will be set in Troy

Well, it’s official – the next Total War Saga will take players far back in time to Troy. Earlier this year developer Creative Assembly filed a trademark for the name Total War Saga: Troy, but now it appears we have confirmation – the game’s been leaked on a magazine cover.

As posted by user Nibel on Twitter (via user Uzzy on Resetera), a new edition of print magazine PCGamer has made it to a shop’s shelf, and right there on the cover as a ‘world exclusive’ is Troy: A Total War Saga. Sadly, as you can see in the image below, the image is just of the front cover so there’s precious little detail to go on. However, there are some very shiny bronze foil Trojan warriors adorning the front page, and the words “epic battle in a world of gods and monsters.” Exciting stuff.

It looks then that the game’s setting will be the Trojan War, which ran for about ten years sometime between 1260–1180 BC, by modern estimations. This seems like a pretty perfect setting for the game as, differently to the main Total War instalments, the Saga games are more about specific combat scenarios and eras on a more granular level, rather than territory-wide domination, if last year’s Thrones of Britannia and the now-standalone Fall of the Samurai are anything to go by.

If the Troy Saga follows suit, the semi-mythological Trojan War will make a perfect fit. You can check out the magazine cover below.

Though there’s no detail on it yet, the “gods and monsters” element will throw something new – and probably pretty exciting – into the mix for the series, as traditionally fantasy has been more of a feature of the Total War: Warhammer games than the main titles.

We’re not sure quite how the leak has happened, but the most likely explanation is – and we’re just speculating here – that one particular store perhaps got a little confused and put the magazine out a bit early. Hopefully we’ll find out more soon.