Total War: Three Kingdoms’ Eight Princes DLC adds a new campaign, leaders, and cataphracts

The Eight Princes Chapter Pack is due to drop August 8

Following news that a new type of DLC called Chapter Packs would be heading to Total War: Three Kingdoms, it looks like the first one is on the horizon. Called Eight Princes, the standalone campaign looks set to bring a raft of new content for you to get your teeth into – and luckily, you won’t have too long to wait.

Announced today in a press release, and with some details on the Total War: Three Kingdoms website, the Eight Princes Chapter Pack is set a century after the main Three Kingdoms story, in the Jin dynasty. As its title suggests, the DLC introduces eight new playable princes who are fighting it out in a civil war threatening to engulf the Jin Empire.

Each prince has his own set of specific campaign mechanics, adding a different approach and flavour to combat depending on which you choose. You can check out a detailed rundown of these on the Eight Princes Steam pre-order page, but highlights include Sima Lun, the “Usurper Prince” who thrives on deception and espionage, and whose specialities include a Subterfuge unique faction resource.

On the other side of the coin you have Sima Wei, the “Tempestuous General”, whose resource is Fury. He’s a big fan of “aggressive expansion”, as you’d probably expect from his description. Each prince fits into Total War: Three Kingdoms’ five core character classes.

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In addition the pack also brings new elite units, such as cataphracts, mounted archers, and imperial guardsmen, plus four new alignments to help you shape your faction: Might, Wealth, Mind, and Spirit. If you’re keen to get an idea of what the DLC will offer, check out the Eight Princes reveal trailer above – the tension between the eight princes chasing down glory for themselves is palpable. How will you choose?

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If you’re keen to choose your prince, get stuck into the civil war, and claim the Jin Empire for yourself, fortunately the release is only a few weeks away. The Eight Princes Chapter Pack is due to drop on August 8 – and you can pre-purchase it on Steam right now. There’s even a discount of 10% if you order it before the release date.