Total War: Warhammer II dev lays out Forge of Daith changes following backlash

Total War: Warhammer II fans do not care for the Forge of Daith that was added to the strategy game in the Twisted and The Twilight DLC. It’s the main bespoke mechanic of the Sisters of Twilight faction, and it pops up after you win a battle to give you a shot at buffing one of your items.

You get the option to either send Naestra or Arahan to pay Daith a visit to net you a reward. Go with the former, and a random item you already have gets its rarity upgraded. Pick the later, and a random item will be buffed for a limited time. One of the more consistent criticisms of it, though, is that it’s not really as “flashy or exciting” as Throt’s Flesh Lab, to rattle off one example. One developer even said on a stream that the design team agrees, and that “a lot of the UI budget ended up going to Throt in this case, which kind of limited what [they] could do with the Sister’s mechanic”.

Now, though, Creative Assembly has chimed in with a list of changes it’s making to improve things in the near and far future. The developer will tweak reforged items so they no longer return to their base level after expiring, and shall instead go back to the level they were before being reforged. The team will also do a pass over item effects, and look into the length of time between each Daith’s gift event.

As for changes in the further future, Creative Assembly says it wants to let you see what items you’ll get from Daith’s Gift dilemmas. The team is also looking into what new visual elements it can create to support the system.

You can catch the full statement down below:

We’ve given the DLC a go ourselves, and came away with good impressions. In our Total War: Warhammer 2 – The Twisted and the Twilight review, we said that while it didn’t have the most “iconic rivalry”, that “the Twisted and the Twilight offers the Wood Elves a crucial new lease of life, alongside some fun legendary heroes”.

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