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Total War: Warhammer 2 is getting Gotrek, Felix, and Brian Blessed

The Old Friends are revealed: Gotrek and Felix are coming to the game in October

total war warhammer 2 gotrek felix free dlc

September 6, 2019 The Old Friends free DLC has been revealed and, yes, it’s Gotrek and Felix.

And the Total War: Warhammer content keeps coming. The Hunter and the Beast DLC is due next week and will come alongside a free Legendary Lord, Gor-Rok, and as if that weren’t enough, the mighty Gotrek and Felix will join the fun on October 17. And they’ll also be free.

For the unfamiliar, Gotrek and Felix are the stars of their own line of Warhammer novels, and their adventures have won them quite a following among fans of the setting. Gotrek Gurnisson is a dwarfen Slayer – meaning he’s seeking to regain his honour for breaking an oath by dying in combat. Trouble is he’s nails-hard, and nothing has been able to kill him yet. Felix Jaeger is the human who somewhat reluctantly accompanies Gotrek and records his great deeds. They travel the world, taking on mercenary jobs as Gotrek seeks ever-greater challenges.

In-game, Gotrek will function as a Lord, and Felix as a Hero who accompanies him. You can give them troops like any other army, and will recruit them as a pair from their quest marker. They may be mercenaries, but they’re also good guys, and so may only be recruited by Empire, Dwarfen, or Bretonnian factions. The duo will only stay under your command for around 20 turns or so before Gotrek gets the urge to go off and seek his doom, so you’ll have to find them again if you want to recruit them once more.

Gotrek and Felix will be totally free to anyone signed up with Total War Access – which is also free to do so – and available on October 17. However, if you want to get access to the pair early, there will apparently be codes printed in the September issue of Games Workshop’s White Dwarf magazine, which goes on sale on September 20, although subscribers may receive their issues earlier.

But forget all that, since clearly the most important part of this news is that the legendary Brian Blessed will be playing the doomed dwarf Gotrek himself – a role he previously played in the Warhammer audio drama Realmslayer. The veteran actor from Blackadder, Flash Gordon, Star Wars: The Phantom Menace has one of the most recognisable voices in media, and we couldn’t imagine a better one for Gotrek.

You can learn more about Gotrek and Felix on the Total War blog here. On a sadder note, this may be a sign that we’re nearing the end of official support for Total War: Warhammer II. The Wight Lord Krell was the ‘old friend’ teased as the terminus of the original Total Warhammer’s free DLC schedule, and arrived just four months before Warhammer II. That said, Warhammer III hasn’t even been revealed yet, so who knows – maybe CA still has another Lord pack in it before the trilogy’s final release.