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Total War: Warhammer 2’s new DLC will be revealed next week

The Dogs of War or Albion's Truthsayers are looking like top candidates for Total War: Warhammer's next DLC

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Creative Assembly is teasing a new addition to the Total War: Warhammer universe, and it’s a much more mysterious hint than we’ve seen from the studio in the past. We’ve got a smudged-up piece of parchment with some soft lines and a big X marking some spot or other. The only concrete detail we’ve got is a date – we’ll know what it means on October 4.

As Rich, our office’s resident Warhammer nerd, notes, those smudges could roughly correspond with the continents of the Vortex campaign map in Warhammer 2. If that’s the case, the X marks exactly where Albion might be. Albion and its druidic Truthsayers have been an oft-requested addition to Warhammer 2, and the locale’s intense magical power makes it a natural fit for the Vortex campaign.

This isn’t the only hint we’ve heard about Warhammer 2’s next addition. A quick update rife with cooking puns suggested Halfling DLC would be on the way, though the mention of “salt” could have pointed toward a nautical theme. If we assume that today’s new image is a map, X could mark the spot in a pirate sense.

Pirate capital Sartosa was added to Mortal Empires not long ago, and the Dogs of War could be an appropriately nautical mercenary army to hail from such a port. They’re made up of regiments from all over the Warhammer-verse – including, curiously, some halflings.

We’ll find out for sure what the new addition is on October 4. (Before you start dreaming too big, CA confirmed on Reddit this is an addition to Warhammer 2.) One thing’s for certain – the developers are being a lot more subtle about their teases than they ever have in the past.