Total War: Warhammer 2’s next update is huge and adds “Dwarf Forging”

total war warhammer 2 regiments of renown dwarf forging

Total War: Warhammer II gets another DLC expansion in two weeks, and the free Resurgent Update will come alongside to bolster the occasion. Creative Assembly have detailed a bit more of what to expect from all those additions, all of which launch at the end of May.

The Resurgent Update will include an update for the Dwarfs, including something called “Dwarf forging” – perhaps meaning they’ll be able to make their own magic weapons in a similar manner as the Tomb Kings in the game’s last major expansion. We’ll also see the Dwarfs get new skills for their characters, a lore-appropriate start position for Ungrim in Karak Kadrin, and Giant Slayers.

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Your free update also includes new tech and monster hunts for the Norsca accompanying their introduction to the combined Mortal Empires campaign, new units, new landmark buildings, and new battle maps.

We already knew plenty about The Queen and the Crone DLC, but now we also know that the expansion will bring Regiments of Renown to the Warhammer II races, just as the factions from the previous games did. Creative Assembly have detailed plenty of specifics on those reskinned, powered-up regiments via the DLC’s Steam page.

There is also free DLC in the form of Alith Anar, a new Legendary Lord. Both Alith Anar and the paid Queen and Crone DLC will add “new campaign features” including Death Night, a horrid Dark Elf ritual in which they kidnap their own children. The details are vague, but they hint at events or even whole new systems affecting the game at a campaign level. Check out the tweet below and get speculating in the comments. We do at least know that TQATQ will bring two new rites, and one more will also come in the Alith Anar expansion.

You can check out more details on The Queen and the Crone and Alith Anar in our writeup of the initial announcement. Both expansion and the Resurgent Update are scheduled to launch on May 31.

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