Total War: Warhammer 2’s Wood Elves DLC adds zoats and a massive dragon

Watch the new wood elves take on all comers in this gameplay footage of Total Warhammer 2's next Lord Pack

Creative Assembly has published a new video that serves as an introduction to the Sisters of Twilight, a two-for-one Legendary Lord combo that will be headlining the Twisted & The Twilight DLC coming to Total War: Warhammer II in early December.

Playing as the Sisters, your job will be to fight back at corruption rotting the deep Worldroots that connect the world’s magical forests. You’ll start the Eye of the Vortex campaign in the Witchwood, a glade in need of healing and beset by incursions from greenskins and dark elves. Once you’ve dealt with the outside threat and banished corruption from the Witchwood, you’ll be able to fast travel to the rest of the New World’s continents by means of the deeproots, and you’ll have to carefully select armies to send to take on the threats on each one.

Fortunately, as we’ve previously reported, you’ll be able to summon a host of formidable new units, including great stag knights that can crush enemy armour and quickly bound around the battlefield. Dryads can protect your vulnerable archers, and there’s also a great forest dragon that the Sisters will eventually be able to mount and ride into battle – armed with whatever fearsome spells you’ve decided to research.

Here’s the video, which takes us on a whistlestop voyage through the initial phases of the campaign:

YouTube Thumbnail

The wood elves will also have access to massive zoats, which are essentially the Godzilla version of centaurs. These monstrous infantry units are great against large units and enemy infantry, and they can both disrupt and fortify on the battlefield.

All in all, The Twisted & The Twilight looks like a pretty substantial addition to the already burgeoning fantasy strategy game. We’ll be eager to see what else is in store when the Lord Pack’s release date arrives.