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Total War Warhammer 3 aims for redemption with massive free update

Clawing back positive sentiment isn’t easy but Total War Warhammer 3 is working on it with tomorrow’s patch being a bonanza of new stuff.

Total War Warhammer 3 aims for redemption with massive free update: Karanak from Total War Warhammer 3 snarls at you.

It’s been a long road back to the good books of the Total War community. Just a few months ago things looked very grim for Total War: Warhammer 3, with refunds being demanded, Steam reviews plummeting, and an all round sense of the end for the game’s once-fervent fanbase. Since then, Creative Assembly has been working to make amends, and tomorrow’s patch should go a long way towards that cause.

The snappily-named patch 5.1.0 has more going on under its hood than its unassuming moniker would imply. The headline act for this cavalcade of content is Karanak, the Hound of Vengeance. Hitting Total War: Warhammer 3 as a free legendary hero, this three-headed Flesh Hound has a never-ending desire to let the blood flow in service of his lord and master, Khorne. In the grand strategy game he’ll be introduced as a fast moving attacker, able to nip off and slay unwary units, crippling armies before they know what’s happening.

In addition to Karanak, a brand new multiplayer battle mode is arriving which will pit armies against each other with a new twist. This Conquest mode adds a victory point which unlocks a minute into each game, holding this long enough to earn 500 points will give you the win. Or you can just try to mow down the enemy, that works too. With 42 re-purposed maps picked by the community as well as Creative Assembly itself, there should be plenty of scope for maneuvers here.

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Domination Mode is getting a bunch of tweaks and gameplay updates, there’s a ton of new maps all made in conjunction with community mappers for the Quick Battle mode, Daemons of Chaos will be available in Quick Battle, and there’s a lot more. This is a whopper of a patch with nearly no aspect of the game going untouched. So if you’ve been on the fence about whether or not to dive back into Total War: Warhammer 3, this juggernaut of an update may prove the perfect point to head back in.

Total War: Warhammer 3 patch 5.1.0 will launch on Tuesday June 25, and you can check out the full patch notes over on the game’s official community site.

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