Total War: Warhammer 3’s Kislev now features giant cats and gun sleighs

A new 'race introduction' trailer gives us a more comprehensive overview of Kislev's units and tactics

We’ve known Kislev will be a Total War: Warhammer III race ever since that incredibly metal announcement trailer for the Total War game was dropped earlier in the year. We then got a glimpse of some units and capabilities via the recent survival battles reveal, which Richard enjoyed very much and I felt wasn’t terrible.

But who are the Kislev? Why are they a fan favourite and why does Tzarina Katarin skate about on ice like she’s some gothic warrior Olympian? All this and more is answered in Kislev’s official ‘race introduction’ trailer which has just been dropped for the highly anticipated strategy game. It stars Tzarina Katarin herself, as well as showcasing some new units for the faction.

The trailer uses in-engine footage, so it's not technically gameplay but everything you see is how it should look in the final game. Various Kislev units are on display, from the Streltsi with their hilariously awesome gun axes to newcomers such as Sabre-toothed Ice Cats. We've also got bear-powered sleighs that have a bunch of absolute lads in them with rifles.

You can watch the full trailer here:

YouTube Thumbnail

This faction introduction video is only the beginning – Creative Assembly is releasing more information on Kislev’s unit roster through the Total War social media channels and website starting tomorrow.

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Total War: Warhammer III is due for release on PC via Steam later this year. Pre-orders are available now and you will get an additional race pack as an early-adopter bonus.