Total War Warhammer 3 has three “new experiences” coming this year

Total Warhammer game director Rich Aldridge has updated the community about plans for the coming year, which include a new DLC expected to launch in April.

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Things have been a bit quiet on the Total War Warhammer 3 front for the past little while, since shortly after the last update for Immortal Empires. However, the fantasy strategy game’s director has posted an update to quell players’ fears that development had stalled out – as it happens, Total Warhammer players have three content updates to look forward to planned for this year, with the first currently set to launch in April.

UPDATE 10/05/2023: We now know the roadmap, so here are the next three Total War Warhammer 3 DLCs coming in the next 12 months.

In a video posted (but unlisted) on the official YouTube channel, Total War: Warhammer 3 game director Rich Aldridge says one reason that updates have been slow in coming lately is the change in work schedules following the launch of Warhammer 3. He explains that following the release, the team focused its efforts on Immortal Empires, which launched several months later.

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More of the team’s developers working on Immortal Empires and patching the base game meant that fewer could work on post-launch DLC and content updates.

“That’s where we focused all of our efforts last year: making sure that we’ve got a great foundation going forward for Immortal Empires, but also patching Warhammer 3 itself and getting it to the state that we need it to be to add new content,” Aldridge says.

Now it sounds like the Total Warhammer team is moving ahead with additional content. Aldridge says the final touches are currently going into the next DLC, which will be available in April. After that, players can expect two more “new experiences,” roughly sketched into the 2023 calendar for summer and winter.

Those will be interspersed with bug fixes and quality of life improvements in response to community feedback, he says.

“I daresay some of this is going to be – hopefully – on your wanted list,” Aldridge says. “But I think there’s also going to be a few nice surprises there, too.”

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