Total War: Warhammer campaign map revealed; watch 16 minutes of orc ‘diplomacy’

Total War: Warhammer

It couldn’t possibly have been a typical Total War map. The Old World, shaped by comets and underlaid by kilometres of giant rat tunnels, isn’t like ours. Orcs, driven by something primal to join WAAAGH crusades of carnage, don’t do alliances. Watching Creative Assembly’s greenskins campaign walkthrough, you’ll be struggling for reference points to the sprawling badlands, or the peak-spanning bridges wrought by dwarfs.

There’s both Warhammer and Total War on our list of the best PC strategy games.

“Fans of both Total War and Warhammer have been desperate to see what kind of slant we’ve put on the campaign map design,” says game director Ian Roxburgh. “We’ve gone to great pains to ensure we bring the hugely popular, lore-detailed world of Warhammer Fantasy Battles to life with the most detailed and graphically impressive campaign map we’ve created to date.”

Besides the orcs and goblins, you’ve got dwarfs, vampire counts and the human empire to pick from. Each will tackle high-level play very differently, but everyone will be scrapping, from the Chaos wastes in the north to the badlands in the south.

“If you play as greenskins, you’re not going to be popping your half-moons on and dicking around with tax rates,” Creative Assembly’s Al Bickham told us at Gamescom. Do you think you’ll get on with the orcs?