Watch a Dark Elf Hydra eat someone with all five heads


Warhammer makers Games Workshop really stepped up the quality of their tabletop models in recent years. And then, thanks to the attention to detail of developers Creative Assembly, Total War: Warhammer brought those models to our screens as two-headed dragons and terrifying giant spiders.

The forthcoming sequel, Total War: Warhammer II, looks set to add even more magnificent monsters, the latest of which is the five-headed War Hydra.

As if dragons and hydras weren’t proof enough, here’s why I think Warhammer is the best thing to ever happen to Total War.

Native to the mountains of Naggaroth and tamed by the twisted Dark Elves, the War Hydra has a choice of ways to kill you. It can tenderise you beneath its massive bulk, slap you across the battlefield with its tail, or breathe fire on you from any of five different mouths.

In CA’s latest in-engine trailer, a small army of attacking High Elves suffer all these fates. Thanks for coming, Dragon Princes, and props to the plucky warrior at the end who gets pulled in five different directions by each of the Hydra’s heads.

In the tabletop game, hydras had a powerful self-healing ability to represent the Greek myth that two heads would grow for every one that was severed. Expect them to be hard to bring down when Total War: Warhammer II releases on September 28. Here’s what else the Dark Elves are bringing to the party.