Dark Elves get their Kharibdyss in today’s Total Warhammer II patch


The Kharibdyss, a loathsome sea monster native to the waters around Naggaroth, is finally joining the Dark Elf army in Total War: Warhammer II. If you own the Queen and Crone DLC, it will arrive in a free patch at 15:00 BST (07:00 Pacific) today, alongside a slew of balance changes. Crucially, the changes being made to Bretonnia are almost all buffs, which makes this patch an objectively good thing.

The Kharibdyss was introduced to the Dark Elf army in the eighth edition of the tabletop game as the second model in the Hydra dual-build kit, which explains why it, too, has many heads. 

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As Creative Assembly explains in the accompanying blog post, the Kharibdyss excels at monster-hunting and terror-bombing. It boasts poisonous armour-piercing attacks that are “some of the hardest hitting in the game,” making even dragons a viable target, while its terror-causing presence and “abyssal howl” can induce even the most courageous troops to turn tail.

This describes a very different role than the War Hydra, which is more of an anti-infantry tank, being able to soak up huge punishment from all but the strongest anti-large troops and dish out plenty of splash damage in return with its fiery breath.

Elsewhere in the so-called ‘Kharibdyss’ update are a number of balance changes, which you can read in full at the blog post above. Highlights include cost reductions and character buffs for Bretonnia, as well as several peasant units gaining the ‘Expendable’ attribute.

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